A grant to explore lava tubes of the Fagradalsfjall Volcano

During 2021 hundreds of thousands of people around the World have witnessed the spectacular eruption of Fagradalsfjall Volcano (Iceland). This majestic natural event created glowing lava flows, sometimes running underground through hidden lava tubes. Because of the speleological potential in this hot lava field, right after the eruption ended, a new research project started, aiming to explore and study newly formed lava tubes, as analogue of similar volcanic cavities on other planets. 
The project science coordinator, Dr. Francesco Sauro from the international research team La Venta, has applied to the National Geographic Society Grant for supporting this edeavour.  We are excited to announce now that @insidenatgeo has awarded this project!
Dr. Gro B. M. Pedersen and her master student Kimberley Jean Hutchinson from the University of Iceland are participating to the research on the field, performing in situ observations, providing data collected during the eruption and working on a genetic and evolution map of the lava tube formation.
The main expedition of the project will be next spring.
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